We are keeping busy.  Justine is helping Hubco's Private Credit Card business and Frank is exploring new computer applications for himself and the two computer clubs. 

Of course, it's great when the kids come over and bring their kids.  We do have to get a group photo with Paul in it.

This spring we hosted The East Coast Cousins Picnic [Frank's side] and got a good turnout.  It had been a while since so many got together.  Frank had prepared a compendium of family photos.

And in June we took a bus tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces, mainly Nova Scotia but also time in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Now we are looking forward to our two weeks in September at the Jersey shore--and hoping to get all the family there at one time, as happened last year.

Frank &  Justine

Keeping busy

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Cousin Picnic 2001

Nova  Scotia

The Shore