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Dobrowolski is the 23,876th most popular last name (surname) in the United States.

Dobrowolski's have an average average lifespan.

What does the Dobrowolski name mean?
Polish: habitational name for someone from any of several places called with Polish dobry 'good' + volya 'will' for example Dobrowola in Lublin Voivodeship and numerous places in modern Lithuania Belarus and Ukraine. According to Bystron it was also a nickname for a peasant who had been freed from serfdom.

House of Arms website, shows the Dobrowolski Family Crest, you can even get custom shirts and hats with the family crest to show your family pride! shows 4,346 matches for Dobrowolski in the USA.

Welcome to Dobrowolski, Texas - Get the facts and background on this lovely city.

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Tadeusz Dobrowolski publishes a book. Not sure who this is, but looks to be a a nice book of "Polish Painting from the Enlightenment to Recent Times" Read more...